How's it work? 

TorkMag's dual spring, balanced torque system actively equalizes force on the nose and tail of loaded rounds, preventing the bolt- over-base and bullet nose diving malfunctions that have plagued large magazines.

Because their workload is shared, both springs can be scaled down without sacrificing optimum resistance and reliability. The springs' reduced footprint beneath the follower allows our design to be highly space efficient.

*TorkMag is known to the state of California to cause cancer. Also in CO, CT, NJ, MD, MA, and NY. 

                              It is solely your responsibility to know your state and local laws when ordering. TorkMag Inc. is not responsible for any legal issues arising from possession of our products where prohibited by law.

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Injection molded polymer

5.56x45mm/.300 BLK

Made in the USA

U.S. Patent 9,062,924

TorkMag-50       $29.95

TorkMag-35       $16.75


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