Multi-Caliber AR15 Magazines by TorkMag

TorkMag 35-round: same size as competing 30rds
TorkMag 50-round: about 1 inch longer than 40rd mags 

Proudly Made in the USA
Experience the TORKMAG Difference for Yourself

    • Patented Technology
    • Superior Performance
    • Enhanced High Capacity
    • Self-Leveling Follower
    • Active Anti-Tilt Function
    • Self-Lubricating Follower
    • Multi-Caliber Compatible
    • Competitively Priced

Our dual-spring feeding system (U.S. Patent 9,062,924) requires less room in the bottom of the mag when fully loaded so you can reliably put more rounds in the same space.

  • Feeding

    • Constant Force (CF) Spring
    • Anchored at top of magazine
    • Maximum resistance to the last round
    • Prevents "nose dive" jams
    • CF spring floats within follower pocket
    • Unrolls as the mag is loaded

    Coil Spring

    • Strategically shifted to rear of Mag Body
    • Balances follower and supplements CF Spring
  • Mag Body

    • Self-lubricating follower material
    • Self-leveling, free-floating Follower
    • Compatible with ALL .300BLK loadings
    • Open structure reduces jams due to debris
    • True multi-cal capability (.300BLK, .458 SOCOM, etc.)