Muti-Caliber AR Mags by Torkmag

35 Round mag same size as 30 rd (5.56mm)
50 Round mag 1 inch longer than a 40 rd (5.56mm)

Made in USA
The TORKMAG Difference

    • Patented Technology
    • Superior Performance
    • Enhanced/High Capacity
    • Self-Leveling Folower
    • Self-cleaning Follower
    • Self-lubricating Follower
    • Multi-Caliber compatible
    • Competitively Priced

The Patented Dual-Spring system requires less room in the bottom of the mag when fully loaded so you can reliably put more rounds in the same space.

  • Feed Lips

    • Constant Force (CF) Spring
    • Anchored at top of magazine
    • Provides continuous up force
    • Helps prevent Nose-Dive jams
    • CF Spring floats in a pocket
    • Unrolls as the mag is loaded

    Coil Spring

    • Strategically shifted to rear of Mag Body
    • Balances and compliments CF Spring
  • Mag Body

    • Patented Dual-Spring system
    • Self-lubricating Follower material
    • Self-leveling, Free-floating Follower
    • Less internal guiding structure required
    • Open structure reduces jams due to debris
    • Allows one mag to hold multiple calibers