SIX PACK: 40 Round AR15 Magazine, 5.56x45mm NATO Torkmag-40

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The shortest 40rd AR mag on the market! Get A 6-pack at 5% off! 

TorkMag’s dual spring, balanced torque system and self-leveling follower actively equalizes force on the nose and tail of loaded rounds, preventing the bolt-over-base and bullet nose diving malfunctions that have plagued large magazines.

Because their workload is shared, both springs can be scaled down without sacrificing optimum resistance and reliability. The springs’ reduced footprint beneath the follower allows our design to be highly space efficient.

Follower is also self-lubricating and self-cleaning. No-Slip Grip Bars on front and rear walls.

Successfully tested without any modification: 5.56x45mm/.223 Rem, .300 Blackout, .458 SOCOM, .50 Beowulf and .450 Bushmaster. Holds 15 rounds of .458 SOCOM and .50 Beowulf. 

Length: 9.0" (228.6mm)

U.S. Patent 9,062,924
Made in the USA.

*TorkMag is known to the state of California to cause cancer. Also in CO, CT, NJ, MD, MA, and NY.
It is solely your responsibility to know your state and local laws when ordering. TorkMag Inc. is not responsible for any legal issues arising from possession of our products where prohibited by law.

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  • 3
    first gen needed spring replacements, havent used since testing new springs

    Posted by fm on 15th Oct 2023

    i had some of the first gen of these mags, the springs were not tensioned enough to feed rounds reliably. i got new springs for them from torkmag who was great about getting them to me, but after testing them once i put them away. i still have some early gen 35 rd in bags, but i never tried them due to my exp with the 40s

  • 4
    Very nice mags!!

    Posted by Charles Hoffman on 27th Jul 2022

    Received my 6 pack and for the most part they worked very well. Out of the six, i only had issues with one. Not deal breaker issues. One of the mags did not seat properly, or want to feed. I removed one round down to 39 and then it seated and fed properly. Like I said, not a deal breaker, 39 instead of 40 rounds in that particular mag. The other 5 all loaded, seated, and fed as advertised in both my ARs, which are different brands. I gave 4 stars because of the one mags. Hopefully, as I use it more will correct itself. Will follow up if it does. I really like the dual spring tech, as the rounds chamber great, and the feed pressure appears consistant from the frst round to the last. These are great mags so far and the price was right. Quality built product. Will confidently contine using them.